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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TVA Rust Rains on Worker's Vehicles

To the CAG,

As we emailed you yesterday, TVA began performing maintenance activities today on four of the nine units at the Kingston Fossil Plant. Part of this maintenance, which is designed to maintain units that have not been in service, is filling water-carrying tubes in the boilers with water, heating the water with fuel oil, and then draining the water out of the tubes. This helps minimize rusting.

This afternoon at 3:15pm, an employee reported that a rust-colored material was found on employees’ cars in the parking lot next to the plant lobby. At the time, we had oil fire in two units. We shut down the oil fires and the fans in the units. We took samples of the material and sent them to a lab for analysis. We inspected areas on-site and off-site to determine how far the material traveled, and it appears to have been contained to the main parking lot area for the plant. TVA has notified TDEC of this issue.

Again, we have shut down the oil fires and fans, and will not continue this maintenance work until we have investigated this incident. As soon as we have more information, we will share it with you.

Thank you,



Gretchen Wahl


Senior Communications Specialist

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