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Friday, November 20, 2009

East Embayment Update

As part of the revised work plan for time-critical ash removal from the East Embayment, TVA will be moving fish from the Embayment to the Emory River beginning Monday, November 23.

A significant number of fish and some turtles are believed to live in the East Embayment. These fish will be electro-shocked (this is a standard practice for moving fish) and then the fish and turtles will be relocated to the Emory River.

Then, clean water will be pumped directly to the Emory River starting the week of November 30. Water in contact with ash will be redirected to the onsite settling basins. When the water level in the embayment has been drawn down, there will be another round of electro-shocking in order to relocate any fish that may remain. Also, any remaining turtles will also be relocated at this time. It may be necessary to recover some of these animals on foot. This work is slated for December 3 or 4, but depending on weather, this could go into the next week.

After the above steps are complete, time critical ash removal from the East Embayment will begin.

Katie Bell Kline

Senior Manager, Community Relations

Tennessee Valley Authority


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