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Monday, November 30, 2009

Heavy Equipment Buried in Emory to be Removed

Kingston Site Activity Update:

1. When the ash spill occurred last December, a TVA excavator (large piece of equipment) was pushed into the river. We are now at a point that in order for dredging operations to proceed without delay, the excavator must be removed.

We will begin this removal process on Thursday, December 3, and it could take as long as a week to complete. The plan for removal begins by putting a barge-mounted crane in place at the Site. A dive team will be on-hand to perform all underwater rigging. They will rig the crane equipment to the proper points on the excavator. The crane will then lift the excavator from the water, and crews will thoroughly wash the excavator before placing it onto the barge. The barge will then take it to the south dock at the Kingston Fossil Plant where it will be offloaded onto a flatbed truck for transport to TVA’s Watts Bar Plant.

Turbidity curtains will surround the work area to control turbidity issues during work operations. A spill boom will be used in the event of any fluid leakage during excavator removal.

All personnel, vehicles and equipment are subject to decontamination requirements as required by the Site Health and Safety Plan prior to leaving the Site.

2. You may see this…TVA Police will be escorting a barge through the work area in the next day or so. The barge will be hauling materials used to build a dock for a near-by resident.

3. A Report to our Roane County Neighbors is in print and will be mailed soon. The information contained in this report is information you all have. It is intended to update those who have not been involved in what’s happening at the Site.

Please let me know if you have questions and if not, we’ll see you Thursday night.


Katie Bell Kline
Senior Manager, Community Relations
Tennessee Valley Authority

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