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Friday, February 5, 2010

TVA update 2-05-2010

To Roane County CAG

February 5, 2010

We reported most of this to you last night, but a couple of additions are included. The ad that announces the river closure is attached and will appear in the paper next week. Also, we had estimated a number of air samples that were invalid and we now have an actual number, which is in #7 below.

If you know of a group who would like to hear a presentation on the EE/CA alternatives, let us know. We are currently scheduling civic groups, church groups, senior citizen groups, and others in order to get the word out.

1. To date, we have removed just over 2.5 million cubic yards of ash from the river and transported 1.35 million tons from the site via 148 trains.

2. The Root Cause Analysis of the non-compliant air sampling data has been completed. We are awaiting a final report from the team on its findings, and we’ll share it with you after we receive it.

3. TVA will award a contract this month, for fly ash drying operations. The drying process will reduce the moisture in the fly ash and allow for easier handling and transfer into rail cars for transport.

4. Early next week maintenance will be performed on the scrubber absorbers. This will create a plume from the scrubber; however, it still is not tied to power generation. Note: The plant is not currently running units. Units can only run for system reliability.

5. Utility work --The utility project work has begun with land clearing for the construction of a water line for the Kingston Water Department. Utility line work is beginning now. The line will run from behind the dance studio near Bluff Road, down Hwy. 70 (between Interstate 40 and State Route 70), and will cross under I-40 at Swan Pond Road. It will run parallel to Swan Pond Road to Frost Hollow Road. Flaggers will be in place as needed during the work. This part of the utility construction is scheduled for completion in mid-April.

6. River closure – EPA and TVA are authorized to close the river between Emory River mile markers 0 – 6 between February 10 and May 15. See attached ad. We have requested a dredge schedule and we will forward to you when we receive it, but I have been told they will be setting up the dredge next week just past ER Mile Marker 4. Letters will go out to residents who live along the river.

7. We previously estimated 600 invalid air samples from mid-September to mid-January. That number is actually 369. There were nearly 100,000 valid redundant samples taken.

Katie Bell Kline

Senior Manager, Community Relations

Tennessee Valley Authority

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