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Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010 To Members of the Roane County CAG

November 1, 2010
To Members of the Roane County CAG:

Good morning.  In order to not close Swan Pond Circle Road from 8 – 3 on Tuesday for paving, TVA looked into paving at night. That would delay the project 2 – 3 more weeks due to the fact that the company doing the paving has other commitments.  However, that company has revised their work sequence and schedule to help us minimize the disruptions this week.

They will pave the west side of the bridge on Monday, November 1.  This will not require closure of Swan Pond Circle Road on Monday, except for minor one lane closures.  On Tuesday, November 2, they will pave the east side of the bridge.  They will work from the bridge east to Swan Pond Circle Road & Berkshire Road and not close the road until they are ready to make the connection. This will occur late morning-early afternoon on Tuesday, November 2, and full closure of the road will be minimized as much as possible.  We think less than 1-2 hours, if that.  They will position a flagman at the intersection of Swan Pond Circle Road & Lakeshore to divert traffic when closure is for any extended time.  

The company’s guardrail subcontractor will perform their work by only shutting down one lane at a time from Tuesday-Friday, with the full road open by Friday.

Please contact Jane Greenwalt or me with any questions.


Katie Bell Kline
General Manager
Kingston Support Services
Tennessee Valley Authority
(Office) 865-717-1668
(Mobile) 865-621-8125

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