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Friday, August 20, 2010

August 20, 2010 To Members of the Roane County CAG

August 20, 2010
To Members of the Roane County CAG

Emory River Buoys
On August 18, a crew checked the section of the Emory River where temporary buoys have been installed. The installed buoys are in their original place and did not appear to have drifted, and are in at least five feet of water. However, near river mile marker 1.7, it appears that the sand bar across from the skimmer wall protrudes out into the marked channel. An additional red buoy was added between the two existing red buoys to adjust the channel to avoid this obstruction.   The TVA river navigation group is helping us coordinate with the Coast Guard’s buoy tender to install the final markings.

ORAU Medical Screening Results
ORAU’s report on medical evaluations of Roane County residents were announced on Tuesday, August 17.  Information can be found on ORAU’s website, located at

Please do not hesitate to contact Jane Greenwalt or me for more information.


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General Manager, Kingston Support Services
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